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Pictures tell the story in these links below.  These are projects completed previously that are representative of the work Enduring Charm does.  Have a look around:


Interiors: Built-ins, Trim and Furniture

Repairing and Restoring Old Bones

Decks & Porches

Unique Projects

In 1830 New England architect Asher Benjamin published a practical handbook for carpenters and builders in which he quoted the English architect James Elms:

"The three essential and distinct qualities in architecture are strength, grace and richness...The orders and styles of architecture are but the means; to build with good sense, propriety and taste, is the end."

Enduring charm results from following these guidelines not with the aim of creating a museum out of your home but with the idea of living day-to-day in beautiful surroundings that are also familiar, comfortable and useful. 

Very often it costs nothing more than a little extra thought to create living space that inspires with drama and character.  The projects on this page may inspire you.


Youtube Channel


Enduring Charm videos have well over thirteen million views on youtube!  With in-depth explanations and close-up shots of the work you can understand exactly how it's done. 

For information, inspiration and education, you can watch and subscribe to the youtube channel with this link.