Enduring Charm LLC

Whitehouse Station Deck Refresh


This picture shows the dated look and rickety condition of the deck.  


The original lattice was coming apart and it never lined up properly with the railing posts.  The railing was becoming loose and unsafe.  

The wood decking was rotted through in areas and duct tape applied to some spots prevented stubbed toes!  


After a complete rebuild, the deck was transformed into an elegant space in the backyard perfect for warm weather entertainment.  


The existing frame did need some help.  The stairs were completely reframed and other parts of the framing were repaired and reinforced.  

The Timbertech composite railing system provides a classy look and will require only occasional cleaning.  The white color ties in with the house siding.  


The Azek Sedona decking is also a composite product requiring minimal maintenance.  Unlike some other composite decking, this PVC product does not get too hot in the sun for bare feet.  


The lattice panels now line up with the railing posts and a door (left) is provided for the homeowner to access storage underneath.



My clients were fed up with their old, deteriorating deck. After 13 years the maintenance had become a nightmare and rot had set in.

The old design and construction were not holding up against the ravages of time. Could the existing frame be salvaged and the deck rebuilt?

--John Painter, Owner