Enduring Charm LLC

Whitehouse Bed/Bath Remodel

How to describe pea-green tile, 80s oak, and wallpaper that had been through some kind of war?   Yep, it was time for change.


The bedroom was the builder-special variety with no trim to speak of, and a ceiling in one plane between main room and alcove.  A snore fest.


The bath was remodeled with furniture style vanity, brighter color, and historical style in the form of rimlock door hardware and custom trim.


The vanity features a black marble top and brushed nickel faucet.


The shower is tiled with neutral color and a splash of accent in the small tiles forming a line at eye level.  Frameless glass shower doors and corner shelves add function.


In the bedroom an entire wall--almost 18 feet long--is dedicated to built-in cabinets.  The cabinets are custom made by Enduring Charm and fashioned in small sections that can be brought up the stairs. 


This image shows the built-in cabinets completed with raised panel doors, and bookshelves flanking the unit.  The center features a true ellipse curved top which is echoed in the alcove entrance (see below).


The alcove entrance, which leads to the bathroom and two closets, is framed with the same ellipse curve as the built-in cabinets.


Enduring Charm also constructed custom bedside tables to complete the historical charm in this room.  This "wash stand" table has roots in antique examples and is made with antique wood.  The base is stained and the top is a milk paint wash.


This "basket table" has woven baskets for drawers.  The legs are hand-turned from an antique beam and the top and sides are made from reclaimed wood. 



This bedroom and bath from the 80s had long since outlived it's usefulness and style.

The project was intended to change the builder-special look into a more historical style to match the rest of the house.

At the same time, a huge wall of built-in cabinets would get around the need for dressers and provide lots of storage.

A before and after video is available here.

--John Painter, Owner