Enduring Charm LLC

Whitehouse Full Bath Remodel

Yes, that hideous patterned tile on the floor is actually wall tile!  Clearly, time had not been kind to this bath.  The tilted walls are from the wide-angle camera lens, though!


One issue with this old bath was the door to the hallway opening up and hitting the closet doors.  The soffit above the shower was also confining.  In the remodel the closet would be recessed by about eight inches and the soffit completely removed.


This is the same room, believe it or not.  The 12x12 tile is dark to help hide the dirt from the teens in the house, but the walls remain lighter.  The new vanity is an inexpensive off-the-shelf unit with a quartz top.


An exhaust fan disguised as a light is installed as well as storage over the new toilet.  It's important to make certain the exhaust from the bath goes through a vent in the roof rather than dump warm, moist air into the attic space.


New door and window casings are installed, along with crown moulding and a beefy baseboard moulding.


The shower is an inexpensive acrylic  insert rather than tile.  Since the teens in the house will likely not be particularly thorough about cleaning tile grout, the insert was the more practical route.


This shot shows how the closet has now been recessed and you can see the soffit is gone in the upper left corner.  A new wood door with antique hardware was also installed.



This 80's era bath had hosted two families with children growing into teens before this point and the time was overdue to replace the dated splendor.

The idea now was to update the bath for the teens still in the house but keep the cost reasonable.

--John Painter, Owner