Enduring Charm LLC

Whitehouse Full Bath Remodel


Many of us have lived with this same dated style for too long.  

This image shows the narrowness of the room as well as the extent of the ugliness from years ago.  The blue tile is everywhere and the old floor tile can make you cringe. 


After the remodel was complete, the footprint was the same, except that the finishes transform the room.  


The new vanity had to fit in an existing opening and the granite countertop was custom made for the space.  


This built-in cabinet was custom-made by Enduring Charm to take advantage of an existing space behind the entry door to the room.  It serves to hold towels and toiletries.  


The shower tile is a running bond pattern with a border along the top.  The old soffit was removed for an open feel to the shower and crown moulding was added around the room.  


The white tub is complimented by brushed nickel trim.  

Opposite the shower valve are some marble shelves to hold soap and shampoo.


My client was ready to purge her home of the dated full bath which had become an eyesore and which was beginning to deteriorate.

The challenge was to update the room with modern fixtures and classic style while staying within the very small footprint already there.

The walls could not be moved, and yet the desire was for some built-in storage to be created too. Could it be done?

--John Painter, Owner