Enduring Charm LLC

Whitehouse Station Front Entry


This column and entablature is based on historical examples from Bristol, Rhode Island.  You can see some pictures of those examples here.


The existing entry was a pale and anemic copy of colonialish examples.  Everything is too narrow and lacks depth and detail.


Step one was to strip the old woodwork away.  Notice the wire hanging down in the center--a new light would be installed in the ceiling to brighten the doorway.  The ceiling was also raised 6-8 inches.


In the shop the base columns were constructed, made of a mix of materials.  Over a plywood backer there is a PVC product that very effectively mimics wood without the risk of rot. 


The new entablature is much taller than the old one, with more depth and detail too.  The columns wrap around the corner and are also much wider then before.


The new entryway marries historical accuracy with modern materials to create a much bolder statement.



This house was going to be painted anyway, and it was time to transform the front entry into something bolder.  The old woodwork was stripped away and new columns and entablature built based on historical examples.