Enduring Charm LLC

Raised Panel Wall And Mantel


Ugh!  Could the original fireplace installed in the '80s be any uglier?  Probably not.

This is the same fireplace after being transformed.  The process included some of the items below.

Custom raised panels were designed and built using MDF, a man-made material indistinguishable from wood once painted and much less expensive.

The raised panels were installed on the wall, along with a custom designed carved wood mantel.

This view shows some of the detail after completion.

A wide-board southern yellow pine floor was installed to complete the transformation.



Is there no greater example of "builder special" than the sorry looking mantels installed in modern houses?

A raised panel wall with a custom fireplace mantel can really give a lot of bang for your buck and create an entirely different feel to a room or even your entire home.

This example transformed a sterile area into a warm and inviting point of interest.

--John Painter, Owner