Enduring Charm LLC

Stanton Closet & Cupboard Built-In


The closet and cupboard are on opposite sides of the same wall.  This picture is of the closet side.  The new doors were stained to match the existing wood paneling shown on the right. Wrought hardware and breadboard ends on the doors contribute to the authentic style.  


This built-in cupboard on the opposite side of the closet is painted pine with beaded doors and the same wrought hardware.  Inside are fixed shelves for holding linens and household items.  


The cupboard goes from floor to ceiling.  Notice the painted floorboards which average over 16" wide!



My clients wanted to remove a poorly designed closet and cupboard probably installed in the late 50s and replace them with something more appropriate for their old house and their lifestyle.

The trick was to match the character of the existing woodwork while building space that could work with modern needs.

--John Painter, Owner