Enduring Charm LLC

Stanton Old House Repair


On each side of the house there were clapboards which had seen better days.  New beveled cedar siding was weaved in to the existing clapboards.  


On this section near a roof the years of water and sun had badly damaged the siding.  Underneath the siding was the original mud and straw insulation!  


The section was repaired with new siding--which is always back-primed in order to prevent escaping interior moisture from causing the exterior paint to peel.


This corner was a mess of rot and carpenter ants.  


Not much remained.  


The corner trim was replaced with new trim and a treated column was added to replace the previous design.


Owners of old houses know that periodic repairs are part of the responsibilities of stewardship.

My clients wanted to fix some of the rot and deterioration that had taken a toll on the trim and the siding of their home.

--John Painter, Owner