Enduring Charm LLC

Stairway Wainscoting

This picture shows some of the complexity of the wainscoting project.  It was taken from the second floor hallway and you can see two of the stair landings.


Looking down at the entry door landing, the wainscoting defines the front entry and leads up to the main living area.

This picture, looking up at the intermediate landing before the third floor, shows how each individual pine board is unified into a complete wainscoting system.


The colors are subtle and bright, with a delicate white on the wainscoting itself and a very pale yellow on the wall.


Looking down from the third floor, the wainscoting frames a custom stained glass window previously installed.



My client had previously hired me to build a customized wainscoting system of six inch wide pine v-groove boards was created for another room, and now wanted to liven up the stairway with the same system.

The project included four stairs, three landings and a hallway, all connected as one.

The system is comprised of individual pine boards with a v-groove edge profile, along with a custom milled cap and baseboard. Six doorways and two windows needed to be re-trimmed in order to accommodate the extra depth and also to add a stronger statement than the former standard trim could provide.

--John Painter, Owner