Enduring Charm LLC

Rotted Sill Repair


Step one--with what are we faced?  Siding is removed and the old rotted and bug-riddled sill is cleaned out.  No active termites are found, but the old damage is significant.  This picture shows what is left of one corner.  


Since the floor joists are no longer connected to the sill, the massive corner post of this house must be lifted from the outside just enough to take off some weight.  


A fieldstone foundation and the irregular remains of the original sill mean that the replacement pressure treated sills must be fabricated in short sections with unusual profiles.


The new sections are firmly attached using polyurethane adhesive and special eight-inch timber screws.  


A door sill which was heavily rotted is also replaced.


During the course of a porch addition and various other upgrades and repairs, it was discovered that the 8x10 inch timber sills originally put down for this 1830s house had been ravaged in sections by termites and rot.

One corner of the house was resting on little more than a smidgen of solid wood.

These pictures show what is involved in a repair of this nature.

--John Painter, Owner