Enduring Charm LLC

Real, Working Wood Shutters

A set of working wood shutters sets off each window in style.


The wrought iron hardware and louvers pointed up when open bring authenticity to the house.


Twenty two windows means forty-four shutters and eighty-eight hand made stiles to receive the louvered slats.


Each shutter is painstakingly assembled with waterproof glue and pegged mortise and tenon joinery.  Then each shutter is treated with preservative, primed with oil based primer, and topcoated twice with latex.



Authentic charm means real wood when it comes to shutters. This project had 22 windows and 44 shutters, each one made by hand out of re-sawn fir and pine.

Attached with black wrought iron hardware and painted Benjamin Moore Essex Green, these working shutters are the real deal.

--John Painter, Owner