Enduring Charm LLC

Readington Mantel


The original mantel was just a fir board plopped on top of brick corbelling.  The effect was less than impressive.  

Step one was to remove the old shelf and to remove several layers of brick to make room for the new mantel.  The old wainscoting was removed too, and the walls would be prepped for paint.  


The new mantel design was a process of collaboration between everyone involved, and there was much discussion and trading of pictures from various sources.


To build the new mantel, a canvas of wood is attached to the brick and layers of mouldings are built up to create depth.


With the primer coat of paint applied the mantel starts to look more uniform.  The raised hearth can be tricky as far as creating pleasing proportions, but this mantel seems to be just right.  


When the final coats of paint are applied this mantel will come together with the walls and present an elegant but still approachable focal point for the room.



My clients wanted to transform a room previously decorated in a sort of informal hunt club style into something lighter and more refined, but still retain an informal feel.

It was decided to remove the old, dark wainscoting and to create a fireplace mantel to become the focus of the room.

Crown moulding would be added as well, and the walls would be repainted by my clients.

--John Painter, Owner