Enduring Charm LLC

Readington Baths

It is difficult to take pictures in a small room, but this photo shows the new vanity related items in the downstairs half bath.  


A twelve inch tile was laid diagonally to help make the downstairs bath feel larger.  This technique is also helpful in situations where walls are not square.


This picture of the upstairs full bath was taken before the shower doors were installed and it shows the tile work of the shower stall.  


My client wanted a removable shower head.  The oiled bronze color for the faucet is repeated in other places in the room and is a popular style.   


The shower doors are clear glass with a subtle bronze border to match the tile.  


The vanity provides a single sink and plenty of storage with elegance.



My client wanted to update two baths which had been neglected for too long. It was a matter both of dated style and of actual damage and deterioration.

In a downstairs half bath and in an upstairs full bath water damage had caused rot and decay.

That was all repaired and a solid foundation prepared for new tile, fixtures, paint and hardware.

--John Painter, Owner