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Interior Walls In A Timber Frame

In a timber frame, interior walls must be framed out conventionally in order to create the rooms.


This picture shows the soaring heights the framing must reach in order to section off some areas.


Nailers for the attachment of drywall must be placed at all braces.


Door openings are placed according to where the conventional framing can be tied in to the timber frame.



My clients had a post and beam timber frame erected as the basis for their retirement home. I was contacted to help put up the interior walls that defined the rooms inside the space of the timber frame.

Installing interior walls within a timber frame using conventional framing techniques poses unique challenges.

Wall plates must align with timbers in particular ways to allow for maximum exposure of the beautiful oak beams, what works well for a bottom plate may not work well for the corresponding top plate, and dimensions must be tailored to the timber frame space.

Nailers for drywall must be installed in all sorts of unusual places. When laying out the walls it is critical to look both up and down to make certain the layout will be sound.

--John Painter, Owner