Enduring Charm LLC

Flemington Barn Restoration


After re-siding and re-trimming the front gable end, the barn immediately took on an improved look.  


A rotted and failed barn door on the back gable end was replaced with a new door, as was the bead board siding.  


Much of the scalloped decorative trim had been lost to the ravages of time and weather  The siding was no better.  


Enough of the decorative trim remained so that new pieces could be fashioned from straight stock.  


Rotted door jambs and sills were repaired.  


This was one of many cracked rafters that needed to be sistered up with new lumber to prevent a structural failure. 


The gable ends both needed extensive reframing in order to be structurally sound and to support the new siding.


After painting, the whole structure comes together as one.




My clients were eager to restore some of the charm of their property now lost to time and to rot. This barn is front and center at the top of the driveway, and the lack of care by previous owners created an eyesore of punky wood, missing trim and questionable structural integrity.

Other contractors suggested covering the mess with vinyl but my clients thought better of that idea. Since the structure is just a barn, the budget would be limited.

I suggested fixing the structural issues first and then concentrating on restoring the character of the barn which had brought the homeowners to the property in the first place.

Among the structural issues were a main post with no footing, cracked rafters, and carrying timbers riddled with rot and insect damage. All of this was repaired and then the gable ends were re-sided, a water table detail was added, corner boards were installed, a new gable end barn door was constructed, windows were repaired and re-glazed, rotted door jambs replaced, and numerous other details addressed.

These pictures were taken before the final prep and the painting. While this restoration was not total, all of the structural issues and most of the esthetic issues were handled in a way that was effective but conscious of the budget.

--John Painter, Owner