Enduring Charm LLC

Readington Deck Addition


Here the old deck and the new deck come together, along with a new railing to meet current codes.  


No less than 30 footings are dug and poured to support the new deck tier.  The old deck can be seen in the background and the problem of mud is evident.  


This picture of the framing shows just how big the new tier is, and indicates some of the interesting angles involved.  


The owner wanted to frame around an existing tree and incorporate natural surroundings in the design.  


A small addition to the existing top tier is framed to provide space for a barbeque grill.  


New stairs are framed to meet current code and to provide support for the composite decking.  


The composite decking is installed, leaving enough gapping for expansion.  A single low, wide step connects old to new.


The completed deck includes composite trim around the perimeter.  Hardscaping will be installed later.  


Another angle shows how much room is now available for entertaining-- free of mud.



My clients had become weary of the mud that had become a problem in a shady area next to an existing deck. They decided to add a second, lower tier to the existing deck to cover the muddy area and to add needed space for entertaining.

A large 22x40 foot ground level addition was planned, along with extensive hardscaping after the deck was finished.

Challenges included the existing trees, accounting for various grade differences, and tying in to the existing deck.

--John Painter, Owner