Enduring Charm LLC

Second Branchburg Porch Restoration


This picture shows the completed project after the railings and the decking were painted.  


One issue unique to this project was a rotted fascia board.  Once the fascia was removed, it was revealed that the sheathing underneath had also rotted away.  New sheathing, building paper and a PVC fascia were installed.  


When the old decking is removed, the columns are in the way because they sit on top of the decking.  To remove the columns, the roof is temporarily supported on jacks.  Each column is replaced as the new decking is installed.   


Backpriming--painting the underside of the decking--is absolutely critical to prolonging the lifespan of the porch.  It prevents cupping and helps to prevent paint from peeling on top.   


The new tongue and groove fir decking is installed with stainless steel nails hidden in the joint and polyurethane construction adhesive underneath.  


With the decking installed, it receives a primer coat and two finish coats of Benjamin Moore porch and deck enamel.   


The stairs, having been reframed and strengthened, receive the same paint treatment and the aluminum railing is freshened up with new paint too.



Having watched the restoration of a similar porch in their neighborhood by Enduring Charm, my clients decided to have their own porch restored too.

The process was nearly identical, but the pictures here give us a chance to look at some of the details.

--John Painter, Owner