Enduring Charm LLC

Arched Door Jamb

Completed, the door and jamb will be installed as a unit.  Trim will bend around the radius and the structure on the top will be hidden.


The process starts with a strip of oak that must be bent. This steam bending setup includes a propane burner, a metal gas can holding water, and an automotive hose to transfer the generated steam into the pine box.


Seconds after the oak is removed from the steam bending box, it is wrapped around the radius of the door and strapped in place.


Later, the steam-bent oak is fitted to a custom jamb.  


Once fully integrated, the jamb is cut for hinge mortises.  



My clients were given an old arched top door to use in their new house. There was only one problem--the door had no jamb to go with it!

I solved the problem by fashioning a new curved jamb using steam bending techniques and hand work.

 A steam box is used to prepare the oak jamb and stops for bending. The oak is removed from the steam box after a little more than an hour of "cooking" and it is immediately bent around the radius of the door.

With the curved part complete, the rest of the jamb is created and the steam-bent oak is integrated into the straight part by hand. Finally the door is fitted, the hinge mortises are cut, the doorknob is fitted, and the whole unit is stained.

--John Painter, Owner