Enduring Charm LLC

Annandale Kitchen Remodel

Dramatic upper cabinets wrap around a corner with alternating top heights and beefy crowns.


The lower cabinets, in a contrasting color, add to the drama.  A diagonally laid tile floor widens the room and ties together the cabinet colors.


A window seat between the refrigerator and pantry cabinet offers a unique spot to have a glass of wine while talking to the chef.


Cabinet crowns and door casings are complimentary.


A paneled bead board wainscoting system helps to connect cabinets to each other and avoid a long expanse of bare wall.


A large opening, seen from the dining room, brings guests and chefs together for warm conversation during meal preparation.



My client had lived with the old kitchen for too long and was ready for a transformation.  The old space had not been well designed to begin with, and cabinet "re-facing," loose floor tiles, and other indignities merely added to their frustration. It was, frankly, an awful mess.

Kraftmaid cabinets, in a bold layout, were the starting point for a new kitchen.  To meet the new requirements, a structural wall had to be replaced with a long header, plumbing and electrical had to be moved, and a new base for a tile floor had to be created.  The room was gutted down to the studs and work began in earnest.

The cabinet design was complimented by the newly opened space, a diagonally laid tile floor that followed through to a hallway, a paneled waiscoting system and door and window casings designed by me, revamped lighting, and all the little details that help make an entire space come together.  The transformation is complete and the new space sets the tone for what is really now a different house.

--John Painter, Owner