Enduring Charm LLC

1850 Bedroom Refresh

Even with just a coat of primer, this newly built closet door is evidence of how new construction can be made to fit in with classic designs.  The forged hardware is actually new.  



The walls in this bedroom were in very bad shape.  The doorway in this photo was filled in to create a different traffic flow.      


Some walls were structurally sound and could be covered with a thin layer of drywall, but this one had to be removed down to the lathe and completely redone.      


Once the new drywall is installed and primed, the evidence of the old failed wall plaster is gone, as is the old doorway.       


The window casings and baseboard mouldings are replaced, and the jambs are extended to make up for the extra wall thickness.  The plywood in the corner of this photo is a patch for a hole in the floor and it will be covered with carpet.      


This door has been repurposed from another area.  The lock mechanism and the hinges are removed and reversed to open the opposite way.  A total of nine pieces of custom-made wood are needed to re-trim this doorway.  The top of the door is tapered almost an inch over its width in order to fit the existing opening!



An 1850 home in Readington had been through its share of repairs and remodeling over the years and my clients wanted to start their stewardship of this home by refreshing an upstairs bedroom that had seen better days.

With failing plaster walls, missing doors, and mismatched trim, there was lots to do. The walls were repaired by replacing plaster with drywall or applying drywall over existing walls. A doorway was filled in and the door there repurposed for a missing entry door. A wood plank closet door was built from scratch.

All the trim was replaced to match the rest of the house, and jamb and stop extensions created for the doors and the window. These and other improvements were primed and made ready for my clients to paint and to add carpeting.

--John Painter, Owner